Gabriele Fröhlich

Gabriele Fröhlich is a Medical Doctor, transpersonal psychotherapist, coach, conflict resolution mediator, facilitator, trainer and artist. She has developed a new psycho-dynamic model for the practical application of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence, the “Intelligent Heart Model”. This model is presented in Chapter 1 of her Dynamic Book Project.

After several years in medical practice and over 20 years as a psychotherapist and international personal development workshop facilitator, supervisor and trainer, Gabriele now specializes in Global Consciousness Coaching and –Seminar Facilitation.


This new form of coaching works directly on the level of the soul. While she still applies all of her coaching and mediation skills as applicable, the emphasis in her work now is on working with the philosophy behind the New Soul Technologies that are based on wisdom teachings and consciousness research from a variety of Eastern and Western traditions as well as personal insights. These new spiritual teachings help us connect to the original creator blueprint and allow us to regenerate on all levels as spiritual beings in a human body. They have been transmitted to humanity at this time as special tools to assist us in the coming new era.


Her vision is to bring about changes in global consciousness via the transformative processes experienced by threshold numbers of individuals and groups required to decrease the likelihood of disasters, both manmade and natural, from adversely affecting humanity and to help form a blueprint for a sustainable earth with a more evolved human family.


Gabriele’s work provides support in opening up your consciousness to the changes that will affect us all in the transitional times surrounding the 2012 consciousness revolution years – an era that has already begun. Her work includes assisting individuals with difficult experiences involving paranormal and interdimensional phenomena. These type of phenomena are expected to increase further in the coming years, as a result of the cosmic changes that have been predicted and are unfolding all around us at this time.


She is available for individual coaching sessions, either in person (depending on her location at the time), or by phone or skype.


For inquiries, please contact her on:


Gabriele has published several academic articles on Emotional Intelligence in a Peace Buildling context and contributed a book chapter on the application of the Intelligent Heart Model in the context of the Integration of Transpersonal Experiences (forthcoming later in 2010, in German). Also forthcoming are her set of Cosmic Soul Cards, a set of inspirational cards with her artistic oil pastel depictions of cosmic images, and messages that speak to the soul (later in 2010).


Training Background:



FU Medical School, Berlin; 1980-1987
(Medical Practitioner licence no: 47673, issued in Berlin, Germany)
Postgrad. Cert., Conflict Resolution, 2003 (Richardson Institute, Lancaster University)
MA in Peace and Conflict Studies, 2005 (EPU, European Peace University, Austria)


Extensive trainings (1989 to current) in:

Experiential Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Shamanic Tools
Cognitive Psychotherapy, TA, Counselling/ Individual Therapy
Somatic Integration Therapy, Process Oriented Psychology,
Psychotraumatology for Medical Professionals,

Soul Technologies for the NewParadigm (Akademie Pro-bios).





Current Positions:


Director of
(ABN Western Australia: 35097497312)

Director of Networking and Conflict Resolution:
Humanitad Foundation

Global Innovation Alliance

Advisory Council Member
(Social Division):
Global Genius Trust


“If we do what we really
enjoy, we’ll never work
another day in our life”