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Executive Coaching

Global Consciousness Coaching for Executives is an individual coaching process for people in decision making positions.


Professionals on the level of politics, education or the corporate world are decision makers who affect the lives of many people and often have an impact on issues of global concern.


Many individuals in executive positions are wondering about the deeper motivations of their decision making or what the higher responsibilities may be that drew them to the positions that they are in.


Questions of this kind require a curiosity and an insight into the deeper aspects of who we are as a person. Themes arising in these individual coaching sessions can range from issues of a general perspective in regard to global concerns, or they may touch on an individual's issues of a personal nature in the process of exploring the connections between the personal and the global / collective.


Personal issues may touch on family- or relationship aspects, physical and emotional (stress) symptoms or any issues that may be perceived as blocking our capacity to live up to our highest potential, also in our professional life.

Individual Coaching and Mental Energy Work


Gabriele’s work provides support in opening up our consciousness to the changes that will affect us all in the transitional times surrounding the 2012 consciousness revolution years – an era that has already begun. Her coaching work includes assisting individuals with difficult experiences involving paranormal and interdimensional contact phenomena. These type of phenomena are expected to further increase in the coming years, as a result of a thinning of the veils between the dimensions in conjunction with the cosmic changes that have been predicted and are beginning to unfold around us at this time.


Experiences of this nature can be initially frightening and are likely to be perceived, by the mainstream, as evidence that the experiencer is in a state of mental instability. The new frequencies that we are collectively being increasingly exposed to can indeed affect our mental state in a variety of ways. To a closed mind and heart they can feel like depression, extreme mood swings or panic attacks. When we begin to open up our higher consciousness access pathways and begin to communicate within the quantum field of consciousness, we begin to tap into an aspect of the human potential that is an integral aspect of our DNA makeup, but which is currently only being acknowledged within the cutting edge quantum scientific community.


When we can put these newly emerging, spontaneous types of experiences of interdimensional phenomena into this perspective, they can lose their threatening impact and instead become an opportunity for an expansion into our highest human potential.

Conflict Mediation


In alignment with this new philosphy, Gabriele’s style of Conflict Mediation work differs from a mainstream understanding of this term in that the conflict parties are encouraged to focus on their heart intelligence, a compassionate attitude towards themselves (or their own group) and their counterpart (or group), and develop an appreciation of the way in which the issue at hand can be resolved towards a desirable outcome for the conflict parties that will at the same time impact on the collective human morphic field in the most beneficial way.


Individual Coaching Sessions


Gabriele is available for individual coaching sessions internationally, either in person (depending on her international activities at the time), or by phone or skype. Sessions are available in English or German.


For appointments please contact Gabriele Fröhlich by email: gabyfrohlich@gmail.com