Wireless for Wellbeing?


Transform electrosmog into positive, beneficial life energy!

The  advent of  the widespread rollout of the 5G network across the planet has many health conscious people concerned about the implications for our health and wellbeing: physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Many biomedical experts have been warning of the effects on human, animal and plant physiology from the frequencies emitted by this new technology, which is expected to have more severely disruptive effects than those well researched regarding the currently used, 3G and 4G wireless frequency emissions.


With the introduction of 5G, the other harmful frequencies will not be eliminated and this carries the risk of generating cumulative effects from this increased spectrum of emitted frequencies. In view of this worrisome prospect, the introduction of the Vita System 8 has arrived just in time for a big sigh of relief!


After many years of research in the specialty area of information medicine, SwissMedTech Solutions CEO Peter Andres has succeeded in developing a chip with the ability to superimpose healing frequencies onto electromagnetic radiation and 5G carrier waves.


Based on the results from Russian space travel research, the Vita Chips have specific mineral crystals embedded within them, with the capacity to transform harmful, physiologically damaging frequencies into positive, vitality promoting ones.


Attached to the back of a smartphone, with the phone turned on, set in flight mode, and placed on any ailing or painful body part, the Vita Chip E transforms your mobile phone into what some happy customers have referred to as a “healing device,” due to the remedial effects they have experienced in this way.

The Vita Chip E can be attached to a smartphone as described above, or to any other device of your priority, such as a cordless phone (most people are not aware that they emit more harmful EMF radiation than a mobile phone!), or wireless modem.


The Vita Chip E also works as a health chip, independently of a mobile phone or electronic device. Placed under a glass of water, cheap wine, or any food item, the chip can enhance the taste qualities of the liquid or food, due to the molecular restructuring capacity of the chip, thereby kind of “optimizing” what we ingest. This is of course no replacement for a nourishing diet or healthy drinking habits!


Dietary supplement requirements may be substantially reduced due to this restructuring, optimizing effect of the Vita System 8 chips on a molecular level as well as the imprinted information of many important minerals for normal physiological function.


The Vita System 8 does not replace any required medical treatment, nor does it make any diagnostic or curative claims regarding any medical conditions. If you suffer from a medical condition or illness you should consult your doctor.


Due to the small size of the chip, extreme caution is advised in ensuring the chip does not get forgotten (and lost) after being placed on any body part, or inadvertently flushed down the toilet. Placing the chip under a gauze pad, and securing the pad with elastoplast tape is advised!


For health enhancement purposes, the Vita System Health chip is better suited in this respect.

are required to protect an entire office, beginning with your mobile phone, and extending to any electronic device, such as laptops, tablets, iPads, cordless phones, wireless modems, printers, TVs, or for your home, kitchen and living areas, and even the inside of your car, or any other devices or machinery either operating on wireless, or simply generating harmful electrosmog.

8 chips are considered a reasonable average to completely fit out an office or home space

Normal cell communication is a basic requirement for good health. Kept in close proximity to the body, the vibrational information stored on the chip interacts with biological systems, producing balanced frequency patterns. The Vita System “Health” achieves this effect through combining the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine with modern bioenergetics.


Although the Vita System “Health”works as an independent product, it has been specially designed to be used together with high-frequency electronic devices such as cell phones, the frequencies of which are used as “carriers.” The Vita Chip works on a physical, psychological and ethereal level.

Similar to the functioning principle in homeopathy, through a unique procedure developed for space travel, the Vita Chip becomes a transmitting device for specific information. The complex combination of the purest minerals in high concentration, together with the stored information, go into resonance with the human body at cell level. In this way, cell stress is reduced and the body's self-healing powers are activated. The magnetic fields surrounding any electronic devices intensify this effect, thereby transforming these devices into functional biotransmitters.


Experienced symptom-alleviating effects can be individually different and tend to vary even within the same person at different times due to this technology's interaction with the body's energy field and physiological state at the time of use.

Initial symptom aggravation is also possible, in the same way as this effect can occur with any alternative health treatments, including homeopathy, acupuncture,  osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, or even a strong massage, due to multiple detoxing and restructuring effects within the dysfunctional body areas. They can be a sign that the chip is effecting profound changes in your body!


As the chips also work on animals, symptom improvement is not placebo based, although beneficial placebo effects are a very real part of many healing processes where measures are undertaken with the intention of remedying a physical condition.

For practical purposes, we currently offer:


  • Individual Vita E-Chips
  • Initial packages of two Vita E-Chips
  • Packages of 10 Vita Chips, including 8 Office/ Home/ mobile phone chips and 2 “Health” Chips
  • Individually composed packages (with a ratio of the two chip types of your own  choice) of 10 or 20 chips respectively, according to your requirements as a family member or practitioner, and based on the interest generated among your circle of family, friends, acquaintances, clients, or through social media

How about recommending the Vita System 8 chips to all the parents of your kids' school, so that every student's smartphone has one on them?

For more information on the price structure, please contact Gabriele at:


Harmonize electrosmog - Reduce cell stress - Prevent chronic diseases - Improve concentration

“Super great, the vita chip covers the router, PC, telephone, clock, office lamp, copier and fax machine. It can be verified using my bio-tensor."

Waltraut C.


"My son has been working almost constantly under high-voltage lines for the last year. Suddenly he got heart trouble.A rapid heartbeat and cardiac arrhythmias began to bother him almost every day. I was very worried! His doctor said he was stressed because he was completely healthy otherwise. In my distress I placed a Vita Chip in his cell phone, which he always carries on him. According to him, he has never had any heart problems since then! He has also become much calmer and more balanced! My other three children's learning successes have also improved significantly. We would not  leave the house without a Vita Chip again! "

Elli E.


“I ordered a pack of  8 and happily distributed the Vita chips on all the important technical devices and put them on my son's cell phone. Johan, my son, said to me a few days later: 'Mom, the Vita Chip is so good for me! I never want to be without it again!' And that's what a 13-year-old said and still stands by today. That means something, because normally, at best, what the parents have in store is uncool. The main thing, however, is that his behavior immediately changed a lot. Nervousness, tension and even aggressiveness have subsided. Johan is actually acting like he did before he started with all that electronic stuff."

Maria B.


The Vita System 8 Products and Applications:


The Vita Chip E


Multiple Chips...


The Vita System “Health” Chip

for activating your self-healing powers


There is a 90 Day Refund Warranty for the Vita System 8 Chip.

Vita System 8 Chips can be purchased individually, or as multiples at a considerably reduced rate.