Vita System 8 Benefits, Testimonials

and Additional Background


Vita System 8 Benefits, Testimonials, and Additional Background

Significant benefits from the Vita System Chips have been reported regarding the areas of:

Pain and Injuries  ●  Burnout and Vitality  ●  Chronic Disease Symptom Relief

Electro-hypersensitivity  ●  Psychological Problems and Sleep Disorders

Foods, Supplements, and Detoxification  ●   Animal healing

Teenage Mobile Phone Overuse / ADHD related Issues


The Vita System 8 began as just another device to shield against electrosmog generated by many electrical and electronic devices. Due to its specific design it was also found to work as a bioresonance device. In addition, the chips were tested for their neutralizing effects on 3G and 4G wireless radiation, and in 2020, were also successfully tested regarding their effectiveness with 5G.

The Vita Chip consists of recycled plastic as a carrier material. It contains 13 minerals in their purest, unadulterated state as well as magnetite, which has been imprinted with harmonising frequencies used in the information medical field. The Vita Chip's high content of minerals and magnetite turns it into a storage medium for acoustically or quantum-optically transmitted frequencies, akin to the way in which music is transferred onto and stored on a CD.

The idea that it is possible to transfer beneficial frequencies onto a device for harmonising, healing and restructuring purposes, and to thereby optimise physiological and mechanical processes is only a few decades old.

The principle of tapping into the information field for healing purposes in general has been confirmed by the findings from quantum physics research but it has been intuited by specifically gifted individuals for centuries. One of the best known examples for this principle is homeopathy.  A homeopathic remedy contains the information of a particular substance, often in the absence of a single molecule of that substance in the solution that is made into a remedy. In the case of the Bach Flower Remedies, Dr Bach intuited which frequencies specific to certain plants would benefit organisms regarding various conditions and functioning disorders.

The underlying functioning principle is based on the quantum physics finding that on the lowest level, energy is the “substance” that actually gives form to matter. In this sense, every object, and even body organs produce individual energy signatures that distinguish them from other organs. In this way, the difference in function of a liver compared to that of a kidney can be defined purely by their respective, specific energetic signatures. What sets them apart is the different coherence within their energy forms or information-vibration. In this sense, illness is the result of a dysfunctional vibrational pattern.

Disruptive vibrations, referred to as “destructive interference” in physics, can be counter-balanced through constructive interference. This process follows the same principle as in the case of two tuning forks where the fork with the lower frequency goes into resonance with that of the higher frequency, thereby increasing the lower frequency fork's vibration. This also serves as a very good metaphor for the functional processes involved in the Vita System, except that they work in much more complex ways, with the resonance effect taking place at the subatomic (subtle) level.

As a storage device for frequencies derived from the optimized reference information of 1,300 healthy meridians and 200,000 measurement points, the chip resonates with the user if placed in sufficient proximity to the person's body.

In conjunction with a high frequency field producing device such as the mobile phone, the Vita Chip becomes a kind of bioresonance device through raising the vibrational level of the body cells to that of the frequencies stored on the chip, thereby optimizing cell functioning processes.

Experience has shown that only highly sensitive individuals tend to feel the effects of the Vita Chip directly. They may experience a tingling sensation or that of an increased temperature sensation on the skin. Most people seem to experience the effects at the point where any unpleasant physical symptoms have been alleviated as a result of applying the chip.

A certain percentage of people do not consciously experience any effects from applying the chips, either because they lack the sensitivity that characterises those who do, or they may be suffering from an underlying condition that exceeds their body's energetic capacity to re-harmonize their disordered physiological condition through bioresonance alone, and may require a medical diagnosis or treatment. While they work in a rebalancing, harmonising way for physiological systems, it must be remembered that the chips are no panacea and may not be effective for reversing states of severe cell-dysfunction.



Conditions in which the Vita Chips have shown Great Benefit:

Chronic Pain and Injuries

"I was very impressed by your information about the bio-transmitter, and its positive effect on the tendinitis in my foot was evident."

Prof. George B.


"I have had severe painful tendonitis in my right forearm for about four years, sometimes also affecting the  wrist, making working on the PC difficult. After purchasing the Vita System, I stuck a chip on the inside of my forearm near the wrist. When working on the PC or reading, I put the phone on the outside of my forearm (inserted into a long shirt sleeve), opposite to where I had attached the Vita Chip. At night, the phone was under my pillow. Wearing the chip in this way for a total of  two months has yielded a pleasant reward: my forearm is now painless, the tendonitis has healed. I am very, very, very grateful for that. Thank you, thank you, for this wonderful technology!     

Petra P.


“My experience with the Vita Chip: In the first night, my teeth and gums were largely free of pain. On the 2nd day my tailbone was pain-free because I had placed the cell phone underneath. On the 3rd day I saw an improvement of my skin disease."

Gabriele B.


“Got the flu and a hell of a headache. I put the cell phone with the Vita Chip on my head, and to my amazement, I noticed that the pain was gone after 10 minutes."

Karin D.


"I suffered from severe shoulder pain for several months. Both my  doctor as well as my physiotherapist were out of their depth. I was given all sorts of causes, from rheumatism to arthritis, to overstrain. Finally, I was told that I would have to take pain medication on a regular basis. I was disappointed that nothing had helped and I would be required to take pain medication, especially for the night, as I could not sleep due to the pain. Then I remembered the Vita Chip I had been given for my birthday and used on my router. So I stuck the chip on my upper arm. When I woke up in the morning, I realised that I had slept for six hours and was painless. I was completely confused but happy that the Vita Chip was available. It's just great and a whole new way of healing. The pain still comes back when I take the Vita Chips off, but less so. I'm sure that in a few days it will subside. In any case, I am relieved to be able to move and sleep again.

Niko H.


“I suffered from a stiff neck for one and a half months. The medication my doctor prescribed did not help. When I put on the Vitachip, the pain disappeared after 2 days and my neck was fine again.”

Thomas P.


“Due to my sensitivity, I initially had considerable difficulties with the Vita chips, such as pressure sensations on my chest and of being totally electrified. That has now changed; perhaps my body actually had to get used to the chips. And now to the results: My shoulder pain (osteoarthritis) has almost completely disappeared and I have also not had another migraine since using the Vita chip. Now I sleep through the night and my chronic gastritis has also improved noticeably. I can partly enjoy certain foods again that used to give me stomach pains. In the meantime, I have also been able to convince my husband who was rather skeptical regarding my enthusiasm. Because of his frequent back pain, I stuck the chip on the corresponding spot for a few hours and put it under his bed at night. The next morning, I couldn't believe my eyes, he jumped out of bed with one jump as if he had never been in pain. This amazed him very much! He is now using the Vita chip himself more and more often. "

G. K.


“I would like to give a short interim report as an example about the effect of  the Vita chip E: Since an accident in 1999, my husband had been suffering from severe back pain, which got worse and worse. No doctor could help him. He would have sliding vertebrae and he would have to live with the pain or have an operation. We heard about the Vita System 8 and ordered it. He stuck a chip on the localized source of the pain, using tape and after about 2 days the pain was gone."

Ilona O.


“I broke a vertebra this year and was in pain for a long time. Especially when I got up in the morning, nothing worked at first. After I stuck the Vita chip on the vertebra area in question, I was amazed the next morning as I was able to get up much more smoothly and immediately and even bend down, which had always been difficult. Then I slept again without a Vita chip because I wasn't so sure whether I might have just been imagining things. But I came to realize that the pain was clearly stronger again in the morning without a chip. Now I only sleep with the Vita chip!"

Hanne  H.


"As a physiotherapist, I tested the effect with the consent of a patient. She complained of severe pain after a complicated fracture of her upper arm, which made it hard for her to sleep. I placed my cell phone next to her head on the affected side. Even during the treatment, she felt a slight tingling in the upper arm and the pain was reduced. After three days, the patient reported that after that first treatment she had been able to sleep again. Asked about her pain by her husband, she realized that it was gone."

Ute K.



Hundreds of millions of people across the world suffer from chronic or recurrent pain at any given time, accounting for much misery, longterm pain medication use, and even addiction. The regular use of analgesics comes with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal complaints and kidney disease. Some patients with longterm, chronic pain issues experience an increasing loss of their quality of life, the longer the condition persists. Some individuals descend into a sense of profound helplessness and may even develop clinical depression as a result.

Recent years have seen an increasing bio-physiological research interest into the relationship between waves, frequencies and information in physiological systems. Some of this research has improved our understanding on the underlying mechanisms involved in physical pain, such as  showing that pain arises due to an energetic imbalance which causes the information exchange processes between cells to become disrupted. Accordingly, remedying this situation involves the restoration of biologically healthy cell communication. This can be achieved with the assistance of specific information containing frequencies. As these frequencies are of a subtle energetic nature, the individual may not consciously perceive them during treatment but will certainly notice any subsequent pain-relieving effects.

In contrast to the early days of research into suitable technologies towards restoring healthy intercellular communication, complex technical equipment is no longer required to produce the desired effects. Today, these same effects can be produced by such surprisingly small devices as the Vita Chip. As a harmonising device, it uses constructive interference through replacing the pain-generating “mis-information” with biologically intact information.

The resulting beneficial effects have been attested to by hundreds of Vita Chip users who have experienced dramatic pain reduction or even for their pain to disappear entirely with the use of the  chips, and in the vast majority of cases, an increase in the individual's sense of well-being was also noted. Please see the section on scientific studies on the Vita System 8 for more specific information.

In cases where chronic pain does not result from any energetic dysregulation, e.g., when back pain is due to a trapped sciatic nerve, the problem must be corrected through other forms of treatment, such as for example, chiropractically, or through osteopathy. If, on the other hand, the diagnosis is diffuse or nonspecific, the pain is likely to be successfully treated energetically by applying the Vita System.

In cases where conventional therapies do not produce the desired results, or are considered potentially harmful on the long run, they can be supplemented by applying the Vita System. Most individuals experience some effect only a relatively short time after applying the chip and this effect tends to be sustained for as long as the Vita system is applied.


Stress and Burnout

"I work a lot in the evening in bed with the iPad.  After working, I set the flight mode. Ever since sticking the Vita Chip  onto the device, I have felt more balanced and need less sleep because I sleep more tightly and the night sweats are almost gone."

Anke B.




“I often feel exhausted and lacking energy. I tried the Vita chip and am no longer so tired, exhausted and do not need a nap as often. In addition, I also sleep better at night."

Dagmar Z.


"For years, I had been experiencing pressure and vibrational sensations in my heart area, particularly at night, unable to get rid of them. The internal pressure sensations in my body would wake me in frequent intervals throughout the night, and made me get up because the unrest literally drove me out of bed. Yesterday, I applied three Vita Chips and slept through the night, having vivid, but pleasant dreams. I got up with a sense of inner lightness and cheerfulness. The heaviness I used to feel is gone. I thank you for this ingenious invention and will of course spread my enthusiasm into the world!"

Ingrid H.


When people suffer from burnout they have in fact often become alienated from their own needs and feelings, striving to achieve goals set for them by others, confusing them with their own, effectively losing their personal freedom, and increasingly, experiencing a sense of frustration, loss of meaning and alienation.

On the cell level, the initial stress response is to adapt to the stressor. Once exhaustion point has been reached, performance drops below normal levels. Under stress, the organism mobilizes extra energy, motivation, and concentration to cope with the threatening situation. It knows only two alternative courses of action: fight or flight. In fight mode, the stimulating part of the autonomic nervous system is activated, leading to an increased release of stress hormones, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels as  a prerequisite for managing the situation. In modern society, there are often persistent stress levels as well as a number of artificial stressors for which we do not have defense mechanisms to deal with. Consequently, instead of following a natural pattern of balancing tension with relaxation, stressed people can slip into a physiological state of exhaustion.

Once such a state of exhaustion has set in, commonly applied regeneration and recovery techniques, such as relaxation exercises, yoga, or wellness are not always sufficient in such situations as they are often applied hours after the acute stress situation, or at a time when the state of exhaustion has already been reached, or the stress situation has subsided.

Regardless of the cause, stress at cellular level will take effect when the cell's rhythmic self-oscillation is disturbed. Hence it is of vital importance to prevent harmful stress effects already during the actual stress-inducing situation, and this can be achieved by offering the cells intelligent counter-information. The Vita System has the strongest effect on those cell systems that are in the greatest state of energetic imbalance, by energetically recharging them.

In our own observational studies with patients in the context of  an alternative medical practice, we have found that people are not always consciously aware of the causes for their physiologically experienced stress symptoms, such as in the case of biophysical stress induced by artificial electromagnetic fields. These causes for stress pose an additional health risk to those that people may suspect or be more consciously aware of. In combination, these causes make the risk of stress all the more explosive.

The Vita System has been found to reduce physiological stress at cell level regardless of the underlying causes, and regardless of the patient being aware of these causes, or not.


Sleep Disorders, Chronic Disease Symptom Relief

Helmut S., 83 years old, suffers from advanced Alzheimer's disease. Until recently he would attempt to get out of bed every 15 minutes during the night, in a state of complete restlessness. This used to be very nerve-wracking for his wife, since sleep for her was out of the question. On May 30th, 2013, a Vita chip was stuck on his cordless phone and the phone has been sitting right next to him ever since. From that day onward, Mr S. has been going to bed around 9 pm; he usually has to go to the toilet once at around 3 am, then continues to sleep without interruption until around 7:30 am.

Helmut S.



“After my cancer, I suffered from extreme sleep disorders and restlessness. I tried the Vita Chip, attached it to my cell phone and put it under my pillow. As if by a miracle, I now sleep wonderfully night after night, and the nervous restlessness has disappeared. I would definitely never give up the Vita Chip! "

Ivonne T.


“What I can say is that my son has not been taking his asthma medication bomb since he has been using the Vita Chip. He has been sleeping next to the Vita Chip for 7 days now and has not had an asthma crisis since."

Michaela B. Naturopath, Brazil


“I have the Vita Chips on every electronic device as well as on my son's game consoles as he suffers from a lot of allergies. His allergies have significantly improved since."

Anke M.


“I have had gastritis for over a week, which was probably caused by long-term use of acetylsalicylic acid. Since I no longer trust conventional medicine, I have been treating myself with natural remedies with good success. The gastritis was already subsiding, but some stomach symptoms still persisted all day. I put the Vita chip in my pocket and after about 2-3 minutes, I felt some improvement. After 10 minutes the pain was completely gone, and it is still gone now,  3 hours later.

I am currently testing the chip on my daughter who is suffering from psychosomatic pain. I didn't tell her anything about this Vita Chip in order to rule out any placebo effect, and secretly put it in her clip box, which she always wears around her neck with a string. After about five minutes she was no longer in pain and this has continued."

Bernd K.



Autoimmune Disease

The clinical picture and processes underlying autoimmune diseases are very complex and still insufficiently understood by mainstream medicine, but are nevertheless expected to increase in Western society. The term “autoimmune disease” tends to be applied to very different and unrelated clinical presentations whose only common denominator is their assumed causal mechanism.

 The immune system identifies alien substances according to their usefulness or harmfulness to the organism, respectively. If an agent is identified as potentially harmful to the organism, a cascade of defensive measures to neutralize the invasive substances is initiated. Under certain conditions, the host body's own tissues may be attacked when they are mistakenly recognized as harmful and the body's otherwise vital adaptive defense mechanism erroneously kicks in inappropriately. This is assumed to occur through a so-called hyper-mutation process of the DNA, whereby many non-specific immune cells are formed that do not sufficiently distinguish between "own" and "alien". If the organism loses this quasi “self-tolerance” faculty, and thereby its ability to defend itself, autoimmune disease develops.

The commonly referred to risk model for autoimmune disease is based on an assumed combination between a (genetically determined) overactivity of the immune system, and a variety of unfavourable life factors that increase susceptibility, such as stress. In many cases, comorbidities also tend to develop, meaning that the patient's susceptibility to other diseases is also increased.

Medical treatments typically involve steroidal immuno-suppressants, such as cortisone. These medications have the effect of suppressing the symptoms of autoimmune diseases without actually treating the underlying causes of the condition. Due to these substances' considerable side effects, particularly with longterm use, some patients opt for  different approaches, such as a detoxification, or gut cleansing programs. In many cases, autoimmune diseases can be very challenging conditions on the long run, and some patients will find themselves  trying a variety of approaches over time.

As has been described previously in this section, biological processes can be synchronized by information, e.g. through responsive frequency patterns. Since many diseases result from a disrupted information pattern that negatively affect cell and organ functioning, an obvious route for trying to get on top of any severe, chronified disease states is through applying a non-invasive, corrective and supportive cell reprogramming approach

We have been blessed with being able to witness Alexandra's particularly impressive case of a chronic autoimmune condition improving via the frequency adjustment approach, using the Vita System 8:

For many years, she had been suffering from Hashimoto's Disease, a thyroid atrophy resulting from the patient's immune system attacking their thyroid gland; a condition that is considered incurable by conventional medicine. Alexandra mainly suffered from sleep disorders, edema, and dryness and redness of her skin.


As an experiment, she applied several Vita Chips to different parts of her body and photo-documented the subsequently evolving changes on a day-to day basis. In this way she was able to demonstrate that not only did the dark circles under her eyes become considerably brightened, but she also experienced being able to fall asleep without difficulty. She decided to continue her self-treatment, and a routine medical check-up a few weeks later showed an almost normal blood count. Her doctor attributed this effect to the medication he had prescribed her for the condition; what the doctor did not know, however, was that Alexandra had discontinued taking the drugs right from the start, due to her poor tolerance to them. She kept her secret and has remained happy ever since.


Electro-Smog Sensitivity

"As a naturopath and geobiologist, I have a good intuition and a strong sense when it comes to hostile radiation. Since I had to buy a new car, unfortunately with more electronics, I always felt uncomfortable after longer car trips. The subject of e-smog was well known to me. I looked for a solution and found it in the Vita Chips. Now I feel fit, even after longer car rides. "Just great," I thought to myself, "this thing actually works". Unfortunately, on my last visit to the garage, a service technician found the Vita Chip on the battery and removed it, unaware of its function. Following that, the malaise was back when driving. After sticking another Vita chip on the battery, I again feel clear and relaxed after driving. Thank you Vita Chip!"

Johannes B.


"I used to experience cardiac arrhythmias, which only occurred after our WLAN router was in continuous operation because of the phone digitization. Unfortunately, I am very “thin skinned" in that I react more than others to wireless radiation. A friend of mine told me about the Vita Chip and I ordered it immediately. Currently, I am in the "trial phase" and I must say that I am already feeling better."

Doris B.


 “The effect is really incredible. My brain has been feeling quite scrambled after weeks in business hotels with WiFi  everywhere, food a constant disaster zone, not to mention the electrosmog overall. As soon as I had placed the Vita Chip, I started to feel better. I am very curious to see how the effect will unfold further."

Christine R.



"Since I am sensitive to energies, I immediately feel the effect of this system. I have equipped the whole house with it. Since then we can all sleep very well. A Vita Chip is on my mobile phone that I have been carrying with me ever since."

Ute K.


"For some time now, I have been affected by electro-smog and have tried various things, none of which have made any  real difference. With the Vita Chip I can feel a tangible effect for the first time. With the chip in my mobile phone, I feel protected in the city now and no longer have this dizziness, which I had been all too used to, and my mind also feels clear now. At night, I switch the phone to flight mode, put it under the pillow and sleep well! Even when working on the computer I feel a significant improvement. I used to get tired very quickly and was unable to work on the computer for long- which is no longer a problem today! I am glad there is this thing called Vita Chip! Many thanks!!!"

Maria J.


"I have much more energy now and the tingling sensation on the tongue is gone. Even if many mobile phones and PCs are used in my environment, the tingling sensation on the tongue is very limited. At home I have a good energetic field with the Vita System 8, and my guests have repeatedly confirmed this effect. The quality of our drinking water is also much better. In the past, I always had a dry mouth despite drinking plenty of water. That's gone now; the water can get

into the cells much more easily."

Petra A.


Heard about “Smombie-Syndrome”?

(aka Smartphone-Zombie)

“I ordered a pack of  8 Vita Chips and distributed them among all the important technical devices as well as sticking one on my son's cell phone. Johan said to me a few days later: “Mom, the Vita chip is so good for me! I never want to be without it again! ”And that's what a 13-year-old had to say and still stands by today. That means something, because normally, what one's parents have in store is uncool at best. The main thing, however, is that his behavior immediately changed a lot. His nervousness, tension and even aggressiveness have subsided. Johan is actually acting like he did before he started with all that electronic stuff."

Maria B.

In case you don't know what a Smombie is, you will probably relate to the term when you remember the last time you were walking on a street and had someone bump into you because they were too busy texting their best mate on WhatsApp to take notice of any fellow pedestrians.

 Some time ago, SwissMedTech Solutions CEO, Peter Andres received a call from a desperate mother. Her 14-year-old son Kai's school performance had gone seriously downhill lately. Kai had been spending most of his time at the game console or surfing the Internet. He did have friends, but being constantly occupied with their Smartphone they, too were seriously affected by Smombie symptoms, instead of doing things together. As a child, Kai had been a well-balanced and happy boy; now he was irritable, aggressive and lackadaisical. He had also become chronically tired, sleeping poorly and often complaining about headaches.

Epidemiological surveys show that Kai's case is no exception. The rate of such Smombie-type behavioural problems has been steadily increasing since about the millenium turnover, with the advent of a new era in which many new hi-tech and telecommunications media became standard. More recently, installing a wireless router has also become the norm for almost every household. Today, the vast majority of Australian teenagers have their own smartphone. For some years now, schools have been equipped with internet access in standard classrooms. Childhood development experts agree that children and adolescents are particularly at risk from the radiation of these technologies as their skull has not yet developed full bone density (and therefore does not have the protective faculties of an adult skull), and teenagers with behavioural disorders are particularly vulnerable to harmful interference frequencies. Fortunately, as will be explained further down on this page, destructive interference can be transformed into constructive balance, and Kai was to gift us with a beautiful demonstration of this principle.

Peter asked the mother to conduct a simple, single-blind experiment by fitting out the apartment, with a Vita Chip each on the PC, game console, wireless router as well as inside Kai's smartphone. As Kai was oblivious to being made part of an experiment, it gave us a chance to test whether any potentially noticeable effects from applying the Vita System was due to the placebo effect, or indeed  the result of a specific effect generated by the chips.

The results soon became evident: Already on the first night Kai slept for a full twelve hours. In the following days, his overall behaviour changed dramatically. He was calmer, more relaxed and less aggressive. Ten days into the experience, the mother revealed the experiment to Kai. Since then, the Vita System has become his constant companion which he would not miss again as his school performance has also significantly improved.


Medication and Nutritional Supplement Reduction,

Food Intolerances and Detoxing Processes

"My son suffered from lactose intolerance which we were successfully able to manage with an enzyme formula. By always keeping our milk placed on the Vita System 8 chips, over time, he no longer showed any signs of lactose intolerance, even without his enzyme formula!"


Michael M.

Although people in industrialised countries do not suffer from hunger, surprisingly, they are often nevertheless malnourished. In the days of our grandparents, foods that tasted good were usually nourishing. In our time, foods are designed like an industrial product; they may also taste good, but in many cases, have almost no nutritional value at all.

Even with a health-conscious diet malnutrition is possible, as essential trace elements, minerals and enzymes can often be lacking in sufficient quantities. Monocultures, phosphate fertilisation, nitrate contamination, variety optimisation, and processing deprive the products of many catalytic enzymes. Even organic farming is not necessarily a guarantee that the products are of higher value. Some countries' organic labels are based on very low quality requirements for cultivation. Gone is the traditional dung heap which constitutes a soil quality improving microsystem in itself.

Extensive artificial fertiliser-, pesticide-, herbicide- and fungicide-use since the early 20th century, the widespread use of GMOs, as well as slaughterhouse waste based cattle feed have been linked to dementia-like brain lesions. In many places, drinking water is contaminated with hormones, industrial chemicals, animal excrement and chemotherapy agents. Food is industrially processed, chemically modified and preserved, and often transported in toxic packaging.

The food supplement market has turned into a billion dollar industry. In almost every modern household, people self-medicate with vitamins, minerals, or some kind of nutritional concentrates, and, in the absence of any expert knowledge, often follow a "more is better" philosophy. Many consumers are unaware that taking isolated supplements is not aligned with natural, physiological processes and, if used continuously, may produce undesirable side effects. Synthetically developed supplements can contain toxic, so called “mirror molecules” to the actual, bioavailable molecules. Unsurprisingly, in a large-scale, long-term study several years ago, people who supplemented vitamins were found to die earlier. Since in nature, no food substances exist that contain only one nutrient, the concentrated intake of only one specific nutritional element can lead to the lack of other nutrients.

Evidently, it is safer and wiser to consume natural food substances, such as seeds, algae, or roots, compared to individual supplements in high concentration. In addition, rather than the vitamins they decide to supplement, people often lack specific substances with metabolic key functions, such as various phytochemicals (comprising over 900 different species), probiotics (living microorganisms with positive effects on the immune system), bitter substances for the absorption of food and for detoxification purposes, and enzymes which are of paramount importance for cell survival and many metabolic processes.

Every vital substance, enzyme, vitamin, or mineral has its own, distinct energetic signature. This signature can be stored

and used to intelligently and individually cover the need for these nutrients.


 As a modern hi-tech information medicine tool, a study involving patients with a variety of deficiency- and disturbed neurotransmitter production symptoms was able to show that the Vita System 8 remedied these conditions within a remarkably short time. In the case of most patients participating in the study, their respective requirements for various nutritional substances, such as zinc, magnesium, potassium or methyl-cobolamine (Vitamin B12) were significantly reduced after only a few hours of applying the Vita System 8. In addition, the Vita System was also found to have reduced these patients' required prescription medication doses.


Due to the Vita System's information-based functioning mechanism - in contrast to the “pills and powders” material supplementation approach - it is not possible to overdose on its effects because, once its need has been met, the body does not take up any further information.


Unlike conventional supplementation, the Vita System lasts a lifetime and does not need to be renewed.


To clarify: The Vita System 8 does not replace a balanced diet, or medical diagnosis and treatment.

Most modern lifestyle-related diseases are caused or facilitated by inflammatory processes, mostly in the presence of an acidic environment in the body, which results from a disturbed acid-base balance. Some physiological processes can compensate only slight deviations from the normal, balanced state. Diet related hyperacidity, in combination with an exposure to external influences that trigger stress, will shift the cellular environment toward an acidic imbalance. The steadily increasing concentrations of heavy and light metals in the air, water and food in our environment over the last few decades, in addition to the, by now all-pervasive, surrounding electromagnetic radiofrequency radiation, further contribute to increased cellular toxicity and hyperacidity., thereby adversely affecting the body's regenerative functions.

Using information frequencies, the Vita Chip acts as an alkaline buffer and is thus able to restore the body's disturbed acid-base balance. In the course of multiple patient studies, it was found to significantly reduce cell stress by neutralising the environmental toxins that have accumulated in the body. This toxin-neutralising effect of the Vita System 8 further explains how it is able to significantly reduce or eliminate vitamin and mineral deficiencies within a short time.


Observed Healing Processes in Animals

"I have a little Yorkshire Terrier who has been sick from birth and suffers from recurrent epileptic seizures which, according to the vet, would likely result in the dog's death, in case she suffered another seizure. This was the situation about 4 weeks ago: she had this attack on Saturday afternoon, and on Sunday her condition worsened so much that I thought it was time to say goodbye. In my desperation, I put the dog on my cell phone with the Vita Chip on it and waited to see what would happen. Lo and behold, after approx. 20 minutes, the dog jumped off her blanket, keen to  to go for a walk as well as being ravenous. I was overjoyed. To this day she remains energetic like a puppy and is happy and lively."

Marianne S.


“From one day to the next, one of our dogs suddenly started walking on only three paws, clearly being in pain. The vet suspected he may have been suffering from osteoarthritis. Medication was prescribed and an X-ray appointment made for the following week. Because of the medication's side effects, it could only be administered for three days. I told the doctor, no problem, he'll just get a Vita Chip sewn into his collar. This happened last Thursday, and from that time onward, he has been walking on all four paws, looking normal. Today, Monday, we went for his  X-ray.: He didn't just walk on four paws, but he also jumped on the back of my pickup truck off his own accord. The X-ray did not indicate any osteoarthritis; he merely had some swelling in the joint, but no pain. "

Erwin H., Uruguay



We will be excited to hear about your experiences with the Vita Chips!

Post Bioresonance

Conventional medicine does not recognise bioresonance as a valid form of medical treatment. At the same time, the application of resonant vibrations are in fact an integral part of mainstream medical technologies, such as in high-frequency therapy (which is effectively a form of energy therapy, as can be demonstrated with magnetic field therapy).

Within mainstream medicine, the application of such technologies remains restricted to the diagnostic context, e.g. with MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) where magnets and radio frequencies are used to generate images of the organs in the body. Unsurprisingly, in view of what we know about the effects of magnetic fields on living organisms, some patients report significant pain reduction after undergoing an MRI to diagnose the cause of their chronic pain. Yet magnetic field therapy is not acknowledged as a valid form of treatment in hi-tech medicine!

The revolutionary discovery of quantum physics is that matter has an energetic basis. Energy is the coherence-forming force which manifests in vibrating information. Illness is characterised by a state of spurious oscillation which results in what is called destructive interference. Through constructive interference, it is possible to cancel this destructive interference, and this is also the functioning principle of electronic bioresonance devices: they initiate, amplify and invert the body's own vibrations into the device via an input electrode, and then feed it back into the body via an output electrode.

The latest state of the art in information medicine generates the desired constructive interference in such a way that no electrodes or electronic amplifying tools as applied by various bioresonance devices are required. The Vita System chip functions as a storage medium for frequencies that have been transferred onto it acoustically, or quantum-optically. When the (frequency informed) chip is placed in the presence of a high frequency field producing device, such as a mobile phone, a potent constructive interference effect is generated. The energising and regenerating effect on physiological systems is brought about by scalar waves which cause the subatomic particles of cell ions to rotate clockwise.

So, contrary to the known dangers of artificial radiofrequency radiation, in conjunction with the Vita System it has become possible to transform such damaging radiation for the purpose of amplifying therapeutic effects. The Vita System uses frequencies from within the range of the optimised reference information, or, more simply, beneficial vibrational energy, which interacts with the body and restores the coherence of dysfunctional cells.

The positive effect persists for as long as the Vita System remains in close proximity to the body, preferably no further than two meters away. Before the background of its described functioning mechanism, it makes sense that the comprehensive coverage with multiple Vita Chips of an environment with several pieces of electronic (including wireless operated) equipment, such as an office space or apartment, can significantly contribute to creating a wellbeing-, regeneration- and performance-enhancing environment.

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