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emotional and spiritual intelligence

The last few decades have seen cosmic events and cyclical changes that have been affecting both our physical environment as well as our consciousness, and the combined effects from a weakening electromagnetic field of our planet, variable solar activity, and a changing time quality can be witnessed in the major, recent, fast-evolving global sociopolitical changes as well as in their impact on people’s state of consciousness, moods and mental stability.


At the same time, many people also experience an increase in their psychic, intuitive, and perceptive abilities.


As the veils between the dimensions are thinning, we need tools for anchoring our everyday reality more than ever. The safe way to an expanded consciousness is through the heart chakra. The human heart is the carrier of an intrinsic intelligence that can be accessed by opening ourselves up to our emotional reality.


The chapter on The Intelligent Heart – living with Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence in the New Paradigm presents Gabriele's psychological model for accessing and living from this heart intelligence.


The chart on The Intelligent Heart in pdf can be downloaded for printout and as a visual integration tool.