New Soul Tech Seminar

In this workshop we will learn, via a set of new mental techniques, how to tap into our capacity of being the creators of our own destiny. In personally experiencing our heart intelligence at the same time, through clearing the energetic bonds with the source figures of our families of origin and our ancestral lineage, and through loving intention, we learn how to reconnect with our innate access pathways to the creator matrix.

We live in fast changing times that affect us on individual, societal, global and cosmic levels. Over the last few years, completely new insights and approaches have been spontaneously received from the higher planes of consciousness by individuals and groups of people, regarding the question of who we really are as souls on this planet and our capacity of reconnecting ourselves with our spiritual heritage.
With the assistance of the new „soul technologies“ that have been brought to us through the collective consciousness, it has become easier to remember our spiritual origins and our own power as creators.

In many individuals this soul recognition process begins to unfold spontaneously just through practising the techniques to allow for the resonance with our soul’s innate creator potential. This spontaneous process of recognition is also independent of how much therapeutic or personal development work a person may have undergone. Sometimes it is the “newcomers” in whom this soul resonance and subsequent progress will be the strongest. In consistently applying such techniques on a regular basis and with loving intention, the correction of many life and health problems becomes possible, and, according to some Russian ( and German sources, in some cases people have been able to “reconstruct” their surgically removed body organs which could subsequently be shown with the appropriate medical imaging technologies.

In some individuals the traumatic imprints from childhood can initially block this spontaneous soul recognition process, and it may be necessary to work on the integration of those parts in our psyche that have become split off as a result of certain unconscious emotional survival mechanisms from (early) childhood.

Through reconciling, in our own heart, with the source figures from our family of origin, we begin to experience the energy of our heart intelligence, which opens us up to the possibility of reconnecting with our creator potential. This specific intelligence of the heart has the capacity to transform any residual hurts, anger or unhealed wounds that are still stored within us on a deep level as a result of the way we may have been treated at the hands of the very people who were supposed to support and protect us as children.

For a better understanding of these psychodynamic processes it is useful to read Chapter 1 on the Intelligent Heart Model.

In groups of no more than 12 participants, the process of reconnecting to the creator matrix will be modelled in such a way that participants feel encouraged to find their own individual most suitable pathway to accessing the creator matrix. This process is further assisted by the energy field that is generated within the group and through tapping into our own intuitive sense towards this end. At the same time each person is supported in dealing with any individual problem areas or health issues with the aim of overcoming any psychodynamic barriers that may have in the past blocked the person’s access to higher levels of consciousness.

Weekend workshops are on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm.

For information on Workshop dates, venues and cost in Australia, or for expressions of interest in a New Soul Tech Workshop at a location other than Perth, please contact Gabriele on:,
or on her skype number (internationally accessible): 08-9467 7687

Read about Daina’s experience in this seminar:

Workshop Experience in October 2010

This is an extract from my experience in the workshop that marked the breakthrough for me:

First Creator matrix meditation in the seminar:

While the first meditation focuses on one participant’s back problem, the others are focussing on their own problem areas. After the process I report on what I am aware of:

I experience the opening of a large funnel towards the creator matrix in an upward direction, above my head. At the same time I become aware of a very unpleasant tightness in my throat area, almost a feeling of being strangled. Gabriele guides me through a process specifically in relation to this sensation – as a result there is a spreading sensation of a wide opening extending over my entire throat and neck area.

Further Meditation………………

I become aware of a ball of bright light in front of my heart area, and I allow the rays of light that emanate from my mother’s and my father’s love to combine and unite within this ball of light. In sensing the flow of loving energy through the rays of light I know that I am connecting with my all my source figures in the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation. As I become aware of my willingness to be reconciled with my source figures, I absorb the light ball with the imprinted light rays of my parents’ love into my heart.

My experience:

I can see my parents; dad is holding me lovingly in his arms as a tiny baby -- I receive the fullness of his love, a love that is overflowing, my heart is filled up with this love almost to the point of bursting; I am overwhelmed! I become aware of thinking: whow, it’s all there after all – all I need to do is open my heart and the love comes pouring in. What a feeling, what an experience! No, I won’t question it, doubt it; just enjoying, taking in, filling up!

Remarkable, how I had always doubted my parents’ love for me -- now there is not a shadow of a doubt left – it’s all there!

...the meditation continues:

I take the ball of light with the imprinted creator spark of my parents’ united love within my heart and place it in the area of my current health issue/ missing organ stump that I intend to recreate according to the NORM of the creator.

I am becoming aware that the light ball requires space – I feel the urge to move on my chair, to stretch, create more space – subsequently, the energy ball takes up this space, radiates into my abdominal area and a sensation of spaciousness, greatness and gratitude begins to spread. When the energy is radiating into my back I realize that my face is beaming…..Everything I need is already available! I am bathing in the enjoyment of my parents’ love that I have just received in abundance.

During this process I feel the need repeatedly to exhale heavily – and am growing bigger with each exhalation. In the middle of all this I clearly notice a shooting star – I am literally radiating from the inside out!

The other participants unanimously confirm this impression of my state in the end of the seminar!

In the summer of 2000 I had to have my thyroid gland removed because it had developed cancer. I intend to reconstruct it with the assistance of the New Soul Tech meditations. After the Weekend Workshop all participants were provided with the text for the meditation in order to be able to reinforce their chosen intention towards the resolution of their problem or recreation of a missing organ on a regular basis.

Morning Meditation:

I take the ball of light with the imprinted creator spark of my parents’ united love within my heart and place it in the area of my current health issue/ missing organ stump that I intend to recreate according to the NORM of the creator.

During the first regular morning meditations I read the text aloud to myself, intend to replace the general term “organ” with the term for my own missing organ…….. which I can’t seem to do. What was the name of this organ again? Oh my God, my thyroid gland had to be surgically removed because of cancer and I can’t even remember the correct term! After a short while I do remember the name – I decide to write it down, just to be on the safe side. As I continue with the meditation and actually spell out the term: thyroid gland, the tears are starting to well up. I become aware of a deep sadness, the tears are running now – I feel so sorry that it had to come this far; I am grieving for my removed thyroid gland!

In the course of the next couple of days I still have difficulty recalling the term and find myself repeatedly trying to find it – eventually I have retained it and am finding it easy to pronounce the term thyroid gland.

Meditation for the Reconstruction of an Organ:

The process takes up exactly the appropriate amount of time and space within the realities of my situation in this lifetime and at this particular point in time.

At these words I find myself stopping in my tracks, deeply exhaling, allowing for this new realization to arrive within my system and take up its space – what a relief: I actually have permission to take up all the time that I need – there is no pressure here and I am OK regardless of how long it takes – I can do this at my very own speed!

About my background:

In my childhood days I had never really learned to say what I didn’t like, what I did or didn’t want. Children should be seen but not heard – was the ground rule at home.
Not only that, but my parents had never really learned to deal with their own problems in any suitable way. There were bouts of rage, door slamming by my father and other things, and when everything had calmed down to a degree, “peace” was considered reinstated.
I must have really internalized these coping mechanisms and begun to manifest them myself. In all those years I had become accustomed to simply swallowing my needs and dislikes. At some point the scope for this strategy was exhausted, something had to give and I developed cancer.

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