The Intelligent Heart–

                                                    Living with Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence in the New Paradigm

This book will be a practical guide to accessing our higher consciousness potential through tapping into our natural heart-intelligence in the coming years while staying grounded on the planet that we have chosen to inhabit this time round. You can participate in the creation of this book by reporting your own experiences.

The “Intelligent Heart”- Model is a tool for the better understanding of the psycho-dynamics and spiritual/ energetic processes in the psychological integration of traumatic or otherwise difficult life issues. In the same way it also provides a guideline for achieving a greater degree of emotional and spiritual intelligence in dealing with life’s challenges.

Chapter 1 (see link) covers the basic tenets and background to the emotional intelligence concept in their application to intrapsychic processes, the involved psychodynamics with the corresponding explanatory comments, as well as some practical examples for their application to typical psychological problem areas.

For a better understanding of the chapter, I recommend that you first print out the IH model chart in the provided pdf version (see link) in order to be able to review it as often as required in the course of going through the chapter. It has also proven useful to make the chart visible in one’s environment, e.g. by putting it in a visible position from one’s bed or at the fridge door, as a way of giving your mind plenty of opportunity to naturally absorb the depicted energy flows and as a reminder of your intention to apply the model as often as possible in everyday life.

You can participate in this dynamic book project by:

                                             Sending in examples of your personal experiences
                                                           from working with the IH model.

In the years since the creation of the IH-model and my applying it in my work, I have witnessed many stunning examples of experienced healing of emotional trauma and co-dependency issues, as well as people undergoing major transformations in their lives as a result of recognizing, with the model’s assistance, the distorted energy flows they had been operating from. Unfortunately, I have never kept a consistent record of these experiences, both regarding any success stories, as well as the difficulties people encountered and how they were able to overcome them.

After many requests from clients over the years for me to write a book about the IH-model and its applications, I now invite any interested current and former clients/ workshop participants and friends (as well as anyone who has been introduced to the model by another person or therapist and who has been consciously applying it in their life) -- who feel inspired to share their experiences with others -- to write up their experience regarding a specific problem scenario. This may involve an issue which they have been able to resolve or wish to resolve with the assistance of the IH model. The submitted texts would include your own attempt at applying the IH-model to those dynamics, as well as your own understanding of how they have been, or can be resolved, according to the model. I would then correct this analysis according to the model, as appropriate, as well as add my own comments and additional material that might contribute to your or the readers’ understanding of the processes at hand.

In this way everybody can benefit from the feedback they get for their personal scenario as presented in their submitted text, as well as become aware of the other participants’ processes through others’ contributions. This may assist many people to better understand the psychodynamics depicted through the IH-model, through being able to tune into many different experienced examples of its application. Experiencing the resonating effect with other people’s issues can provide a chance to correct one’s own energy flows, as anyone can attest to who has experienced this effect from reading books or attending workshops of this kind. The effect would be similar to that of attending a workshop without leaving your house, getting assistance with working on your own issues and benefiting from the other participant’s contributions at the same time.

While every account that people send in will be much valued, I preserve the right of selecting accounts according to their suitability as a case example for the book. The accounts will go in the book without any means of identifying their authors, unless anybody specifically requests to be introduced by name (and contact details) and wishes to be contacted by other readers for an ongoing conversation on a particular subject or meeting a kindred spirit.

Contributions to the book will only be considered on the basis of participants providing their full and correct name and email address to me. Contributions that are revealed to have been provided under a different name or pseudonym or involving contact details that do not match the sender’s true identity will be removed from the collection immediately. Third party accounts are acceptable if both parties’ correct names and contact details are provided. It is acceptable to use a different name or contact email address as a contact detail to go in the book itself, should this be desired by the contributor.

The goal is to publish the collection along with the introductory chapter as well as some additional material at the earliest possibility, depending on the timing of a sufficient number of suitable accounts coming together.

The book will be available as an e-book as well as in printed form and both versions will be purchasable from this website.

The intellectual property rights for all sections of the book will remain with me, and the exchange for participants’ contributions to the book will be my expert feedback on the basis of the correct IH-model application, as well as comments regarding the issues that participants have presented.


The IH-Model and corresponding IH-schematic as I have developed them, as well as the chapter on the background and functions of the model, can be downloaded and diseminated free of charge (with appropriate credit to the source) and on the basis of the user’s personal responsibility.

Although unlikely, it cannot be completely excluded that the energetic-schematic depiction or explanations of the psychodynamic processes underlying traumatic memory imprints could trigger powerful emotional reactions in susceptible individuals. No responsibility will be taken by the operators of this website and creators of its materials for any emotional reactions resulting from reading the material on this website.

In the case of any strong emotional reactions evoked by this material, psychotherepeutic/ psychiatric assistance should be sought as required. Neither the IH-model nor its accompanying texts are a replacement for professional therapeutic assistance. As the text presented on this website is designed to resonate with people’s deeper underlying emotional truths and memory imprints of a conscious or unconscious nature, this resonance can at the same time serve as a powerful healing mechanism under the appropriate professional guidance and assistance. Individuals who become aware of any resonant effects from reading these materials are encouraged to seek out the appropriate professional, emotional and spiritual support systems.


A Sample Contribution to the Dynamic Book Project

Below is Daina’s account as an example of the format in which a contribution to the dynamic book project can be submitted.

Daina’s contribution is also an example of a participant wishing to be contacted by other readers for the purpose of their sharing their experiences with her in resonance with her submitted accounts.

She is looking forward to your sharing your own experiences with her at this address!


                                                    Daina’s Experience

1. Judging and rejecting other people

During one workshop we were asked to each find a partner and pay careful attention to our initial spontaneous reaction to that person. Was there any minor irritation or negative feeling that just popped up when sitting opposite them? I immediately noticed that my (workshop-) partner’s dialect grated on me, although I eventually got used to it. In the next step we were asked to look directly into our partner’s eyes for a period. In the end of the exercise we were asked to share with everyone what we had felt and experienced.

One woman reported that she had become conscious early on in the exercise that whatever it was that had disturbed her slightly about her partner had little to do with that person, but that the problem was entirely on her side. The other participants responded in a similar way - everyone except for me. I suddenly felt pulled back to the time of my early school days when I had often felt isolated and misunderstood. Ok: missed the point again, didn’t get what it was all about, yet again, I thought; I felt little and stupid and like I just wanted to run away.

When I started to explain that I didn’t get why the others felt the way they did, I suddenly broke into tears. How could I have had such thoughts, condoning such feelings of rejecting another person in myself? I felt so ashamed and cried heavily: wasn’t this how it all started before Jewish people, homosexuals and other “undesirables“ were thrown into concentration- and prison camps?

I became aware of a disgusting, slimy black mass in my lower abdomen. After a while it started to dissolve and finally disappeared, but it took several more hours before the sensation had completely dissolved; for the remaining time of that workshop day I felt completely exhausted, but at the same time also much relieved.

I felt completely shaken by this experience, particularly since I had already once worked on the subject of Nazi Germany and of concentration camps in one of Gabriele’s workshops in the past and had assumed that I was done with this subject for good. This experience demonstrated to me the intensity with which the transference of parental issues can be anchored within us.

As a child I always felt treated like an outsider. This was due to the fact that my mother was German and my father Latvian, and that I had been called a “Nazi” from the time I was a little girl. I felt the same rejection also during my school years in England, even from a number of my teachers.

Gabriele’s Reflections:

Daina’s Adapted Persona (AP) projected the painful Pig Parent (PP) messages that she had received from others as a child and that she was unconsciously reminded of in this situation onto the workshop partner – which resulted in her feeling temporarily relieved, as those dreadful feelings supposedly no longer had anyhing to do with her. This projection of her own negative feelings onto another person was her unconscious way of suppressing the effect that those feelings of rejection and isolation had on her in reality, although she had not been aware of this under normal circumstances.

When she spontaneously made the link to her traumatic experiences in the past, the suppressed feelings resurfaced in their somatizised form as physical sensations in her abdomen and her specific perceptions of them. This physical manifestation of the emotional energy from the past was the way in which her Inner Child (IC) had stored the memories from the unresolved past experiences. The projection of her feelings of self-loathing onto another person happened because her Adapted Persona (AP) considered them to be existentially threatening to Daina (IC) and therefore as having to be suppressed at all cost.

Because Daina perceived the rejection (PP) she experienced in her childhood environment as existentially threatening, she responded with the unconscious externalization of her unpleasant feelings. Anything, just to get rid of those dreadful feelings (AP)! Daina’s physical sensations indicate that this strategy was not particularly successful. She had introjected (AP) the negative (”Nazi“ PP-) messages from others about herself and unconsciously still perceived herself exactly in the way that those PP-messages from her childhood suggested. The feelings of revulsion that she carried within and towards herself were reflected by her physical symptoms on the basis of the unpleasant memories that had been stored on the cellular level (“the issues in the tissues“).

When she started crying and the link to her own childhood pain (IC) about others’ prejudices towards her became spontaneously clear to her (RI), Daina became appalled about her prejudiced stance (PP) towards her workshop partner. At the same moment she also became aware of the physical sensations that surfaced automatically as this link was unconsciously made; in a way, they were her Inner Child’s own way of telling her story! The feelings, physical sensations and mental recognition of her experience now all resonated together. Feeling reassured by the support she received in the workshop, she was able to mobilize sufficient Nurturing Parent (NP-) energy to reassure her Inner Child (IC) and integrate this experience on a deep level. Her IC had been taken seriously and given the space and attention that was needed, so that she no longer had to run away from this traumatic memory, but was able to face the original experience that had caused her painful feelings.

As the Nurturing Parent (NP-) energy that Little Daina needed had now become available, the flow of loving heart energy towards her IC was again restored. The energy she had been needing from her parents and her environment around this issue became available to her for the first time. Now it became possible for the stored toxic energy to be released from the tissues, and the associated negative thought form to be transformed on the mental level.

For Daina this also meant, in a very real sense, that her formerly somatizised feelings were no longer at risk of creating havoc in her body on the cellular level. The level of exhaustion she experienced was an indication of the substantial restructuring that accompanied her integration process on an emotional-/ physiological-/biochemical- and energetic-spiritual level, and it is also a measure of the vast amount of energy that had been”trapped”in Daina’s life in the context of this complex, multi-layered traumatic experience. As it was transformed and released, this energy also became a newly available resource in her life.

Daina’s experience is of particular interest because of its relevance in a collective context as well as that of her individual experience. The rejection of a person, particularly on the basis of their membership of a particular group or ethnicity is invariably based on this type of projection-/ transferential dynamic.The same mechanism of unconsciously assigning one’s emotional impulses to the wrong context on the basis of erroneous cause and effect associations (AP) also applies in most cases of international conflict escalation, or wars of conquest (or any wars that are started for other “good” reasons).

The authentic Self (IC with NP support) never automatically responds to differences in others with rejection (PP), but in contrast is likely to embrace them with curiosity and interest. As it is not prone to the type of erroneous emotional associations as in the above example, the authentic Self is in a good position to avoid the escalation of any conflict situations, both on an individual as well as on a collective level.

                      The reflections on Daina’s additional accounts (below)
                                  will be available in the completed book.

2. Releasing a burden off my shoulders from feeling guilt about the Holocaust during the Nazi era

The workshop participants had taken up their places on the floor. While Gabriele was busy dealing with an issue that had arisen within the group, something strongly resonated within me. Gabriele looked at me and asked what was going on with me at that moment. I told her that I had a sense that it had something to do with my son, but Gabriele had a different impression and asked me about something to do with my late father.

My father was born in one of the Baltic countries and had joined the SS (the Nazi elite troups) during World War II. I remember that as a child I had often seen him being depressed, and he would also cry from time to time, but he never spoke about the war.

Only many years later my brother told me that our father had been a member of the SS. Now that’s not something you really want to talk about. But then there was no need to either, because it wasn’t my business of course, and what did this have to do with me, anyway? – I’m not responsible for what my parents did; or so I thought.

This was an extremly uncomfortable subject for me and I didn’t want to discuss it in the workshop, especially as there was also a Jewish man in the group. Concentration camps, Holocaust – I had great difficulty starting to talk about this. Gabriele wouldn’t let me off the hook though, the entire group’s attention was on me – all patiently waiting.

I felt an enormous lump that was stuck in my throat – I started to cry, and finally I overcame my fear. In the far back of my head I had images of executions and mass graves in a forest – and there was a clear and realistic assumption on my part that my father had taken part in all of this. In relating this experience to the group it felt as though I was releasing these images from my mind, and I noticed how a massive burden fell off my shoulders. In the past, whenever I had been in the presence of a Jewish person, I had always felt as though the brand-mark “SS” must have been visible on my forehead.

How were the participants going to react, especially A., who was Jewish?

The empathy I received from A. and the rest of the group was overwhelming! There were none of the expected accusations; I only received recognition for having had the courage to open up to this – and the reassurance that none of this really had anything to do with me.

The physical reactions were also very prominent during this workshop – I felt exhaustion and relief at the same time.

Some days later I met up with a Jewish girlfriend who asked me how the workshop had been for me. “Oh, ‘t was good just like it is every time”, was my answer. Well, that was not a good enough answer for her. Still feeling somewhat uncomfortable, I gave her the whole story, only to receive a big smile and warm hug, and the words: “Oh, but Daina, you’re such a lovely person; this has nothing to do with you!”

This face-to-face meeting was the final confirmation that this issue really had nothing to do with me. The extent to which I had internalized my father’s guilt and trauma certainly became obvious through the experience of finally feeling this burden fall off of my shoulders.

Born and bred in England as the child of a German mother and a Latvian father, I had experienced the abuse of being called a “Nazi” -- at the age of three or four years old. Of course I had no idea as to the meaning of that term, but my Inner Child had internalized the energy behind this message nevertheless. Due to the experience in the group and being able to talk about this difficult subject in a protected enviroment, I was finally able to release my shame around this issue.

3. Changing sensations in my hands – sexual abuse of the women in my family

During a session with Gabriele the subject of the sexual abuse of the women within my family came up. Cases of sexual abuse ran like a red thread through my family history.

My great-grandmother had been employed as a maid on an estate; she got pregnant by the landlord and when it became known she naturally had to leave the estate.

My grandmother, who was a woman of petite stature and chronically anaemic gave birth to 7 children. In spite of her doctor’s warnings against further pregnancies after the birth of her first child (my mother), my grandfather never applied any means of birth control.

My mother was raped by several members of the Sowjet army during the occupation of Berlin after the end of WWII, when she was not yet 16 years old – and the same thing also happened to my grandmother.

My experiences with men used to mostly circle around my being a sex object to them and my being largely convinced that I had nothing else to offer anyway.

At one point during the therapy session I noticed a strange alteration of the sensations in my hands – a powerful tingling sensation started in both of my hands to the point where I became incapable of moving my fingers and even my hands. At this point I got really scared, but Gabriele reassured me that this was happening for a good reason and that I did not need to be concerned.

While all of this was happening, I was encouraged to visualize my grandfather, which I was able to do. I could see him sitting on the edge of that large old marital bed, crying. He was saying how sorry he was that he had only been concerned about his own needs and interests while completely ignoring his wife’s health concerns.

The strange sensations in my hands did indeed disappear after a short while. That same evening they returned again. I got scared as I was unsure if this kind of paralysis could spread to other parts of my body. I called my daughter, who was already aware of the session I had had earlier that day and asked her to come around to my place. As soon as I had put down the phone after speaking to her, the sensations disappeared again and never came back.

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