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The last few years have seen an emergence of scientific research data both from the West as well as from Eastern Europe, that deal with such phenomena as subtle energy field measurements, the connections between cosmic cycle changes, sun spot activity, the time period around 2012, the effects of such cosmic phenomena on our consciousness, or the capacity of our DNA to function as an antenna to cosmic consciousness.

According to Mayan cosmology, Hunab-Ku, the universal source for the creation of life, is also the Heart of the Cosmos, the point at which duality merges into unity. In 2007 the Max Planck Institute of Astrophysics in Germany published new images of a supernova, a stellar explosion of gigantic proportions that is accompanied by the emission of an energy of powerful frequencies. The high frequency radiation emanating from these supernpova explosion functions as a carrier for information, with the capacity of transferring massive amounts of data.

Images of these supernova explosions have been found to remarkably resemble depictions of the Mayan Cosmic Heart.


These new scientific findings overlap with descriptions from the Mayan cosmology about the closing of a cosmic cycle in 2012 and the dawn of a new era. This Mayan prediction has often been interpreted as a warning that the world is coming to an end. The effects from the observed cosmic events that are unfolding at this time are indeed expected to be accompanied by major Earth changes and the likelihood of vastly changed conditions for human life on the planet.

At the same time, the energetic properties of this newly discovered supernova event are thought to assist the human species in accessing a higher level of consciousness than ever before. Our DNA, made up of the the building blocks of life, has the capacity to “download” data from hyperspace, dimensional realms that are outside the confines of our 4-dimensional space-time continuum. This equates to an ascension of our consciousness into a higher dimension. The consciousness transformation that is becoming possible as a result oft these cosmic events offers unlimited possibilities for the emergence of a new species of Human Being and a completely new way of life on this planet.

As a result of these cyclical changes and cosmic events, and the combined effects from manmade pollution, manipulation of the frequencies in our environment and the much debated climate changes, the planet’s electromagnetic field is also weakening. These combined effects are expected to have a major impact on people’s state of consciousness, moods and mental stability in the years to come, as well as increase our psychic and perceptive abilities.

As the veils between the dimensions are thinning, we need tools for anchoring our everyday reality more than ever. The safe way to an expanded consciousness is through the heart chakra, as the heart has its origins in the cosmos itself. The human heart is the carrier of an intrinsic intelligence that can be accessed by opening ourselves up to our emotional reality.

Chapter 1 of a new book, The Intelligent Heart – living with Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence in the New Paradigm presents a psychological model for accessing and living from this heart intelligence.

As a result of the cosmic changes that are already affecting our consciousness, humanity as a collective has reached a threshold that enables us to transform our internal and physical reality in alignment with the original creator blueprint. A new spiritual approach for the New Paradigm which is in the process of being disseminated into the world, teaches us how to work directly on the level of the soul as well as our free will, on the way to reclaiming our natural potential to create our own reality, heal our physical body in ways that have rarely been seen before and even reconstruct surgically removed organs.

Welcome to the dawn of this New Era of Human Evolution!