will be about the dawn of a new paradigm and the evolution of a new type of Human Being. This new era of human evolution requires an understanding of the way in which the observable speeding up of cosmic changes affect our consciousness. These changes carry the inherent possibility of accessing our highest consciousness potential in ways that have only been experienced by humans in rare instances in the past; at the same time we require new tools for meeting the challenges accompanying this consciousness evolution in emotionally and spiritually intelligent ways.

Gabriele Fröhlich, Director of Global Consciousness Consulting, is a medical doctor, transpersonal psychotherapist, coach, mediator/ networker, workshop facilitator/ trainer and artist. Her work provides support in opening our consciousness up to the changes that will affect us all in the transitional times surrounding the 2012 consciousness revolution years – an era that has already begun.

This website introduces a new style of coaching and workshop experience for the new paradigm that includes Gabriele’s psychological model for “The Intelligent Heart” as a guide to interacting with ourselves and others, her work with a new form of soul technologies for the new paradigm, for healing and organ reconstruction, as well as her creative artwork tools.

External resources include links to other New Paradigm approaches from Gabriele’s international network of cutting edge pioneers.

"….What happens to individuals within themselves is actually the exact equivalent, a microcosm, of what happens on a global or macroscopic level."

"Businesses and nations are constantly competing to be one step ahead of their neighbours, rather than engaging in an exchange based on trust in universal forces."